Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abe Lincoln Is My Downfall...

           I finally hit the gym today for the first time in...a long time. It felt really good to run again! But one sandwich and one piece of delectable carrot cake later...it was like I didn't even set foot in the gym. Bummer.  So I took a shower once I got back to my dorm and as soon as I got back to my room I stepped on a penny. It sliced my foot open and caused me to jump around in my towel to avoid getting blood everywhere. Now before you jump to conclusions, let me explain. This was no ordinary penny. You see, my roommate just recently got hired to sell Cutco products and she was super excited to show me about all their amazing abilities. The first thing she showed me was the scissors which are so sharp they, "are able to cut a penny in half!" After several attempts, I was a little disappointed in the demonstration because she was not quite strong enough to get the penny to cut, and only caused little slivers of copper to protrude from the corners, which is where I come in...ouch! 
          Since we're talking about my feet, I would just like to brag about the most recent awesome purchase I made. So I got a little black dress (which is cute but a tad boring) and I needed something to make the outfit a weeee more colorful and that's when I found these. 
           I was super excited! And when paired with a hot pink clutch and lipstick, I have one killer outfit!
          They should be in the mail by tomorrow! With my new phone, and my school books. It should be a great mail day! 

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