Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bad Boys, Bad boys. Whatcha Gonna Do?

           It was an interesting night in dorm world last night. I almost felt as if I was on an episode of COPS. So there I was, watching Spongebob in my underwear and talking to one of my good friends when there was this loud and frantic pounding on my door. Thinking it was one of my across the hall friends I took my sweet time answering the consistent knocks  only to discover that it was my RA telling me to grab my keys and evacuate. I was confused until I saw the flashy fire alarm lights going off, which was bizarre because usually those flashy lights are accompanied by an obnoxious screaming alarm. So I grabbed my keys and was off to stand in the cold along with all the few other studnets who were chilling at the dorms on a Saturday night. That's when I saw one of my guy friends with his roommate and all their friends standing suspiciously in a circle. Knowing that group, I had a feeling they knew what was going on. As the story turns out, no it was not some chick who tried cooking bacon without a pan like last time, it was a guy who got trashed and decided it would be a good idea to pull a fire extinguisher out and precede to spray it all over my guy friend's floor. Tons of police showed up and shined an annoyingly bright flashlight in my face and was making snide comments to a drunk guy. Anyhoo, we saw the cops yell and scream and some idiot driver and one cop moved a trashcan and all the sorority girls screamed... it was weird. The best part was that once we were FINALLY allowed back in a few hours past and I was on Skype when I hear the fire alarm. I grab my keys and start to head out the door when it stops. All the girls were confused and started to go back in their rooms when it went off again. Annoyed, my RA just said we should ignore it. So they preceded to test the fire alarm multiple times...gotta love the sound of a blaring alarm at 2am!      

            On a side note, the weather here was so nice today! I wish it were like this year around because it was so perfect. I only got to enjoy it a little bit since I was cooped up at work but still lovely. I tried to hold onto my cold weather attire though, but clad in boots, a long sleeve shirt and jeggings was a bad idea. It made me decide that I will wear shorts tomorrow and I'm very excited about shorts because it makes me think of summer. Seeing as this past summer was the best one yet, it seems fitting that I pay a tribute to the good times :) The first two pictures are photo credited to the amazing photographer, Sean Connolly!



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