Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Start to a Cheesy Chick Flick?

          Ever since my little mishap with my phone, I have discovered a trick to be able to text. If i flip back the cover really fast around five times in a row, the screen comes up again for about ten seconds. Wooo! So, Wednesdays just happen to be super crazy busy for me class wise; and for everyone else too apparently. There were so many people out and about around campus this morning it was a bit overwhelming. For most people, they would take this as a sign to be extra careful where they were walking and pay more attention. I am not most people unfortunately. Whilst in the midst of flipping my phone to be able to reply to a text, i aimlessly wondered into the middle of an oncoming bike lane. I really need to work on not being so oblivious. Anyways, who comes to my rescue? Of course it was an older guy dressed in his military uniform. Of course. He literally swept me off my feet and set me down on the sidewalk away from the oncoming bike traffic. Thank you much Mr. Military man, I owe you! 
          In other news I had watched the Golden Globes and I just wanted to post a few of my favorite outfits and some of my least favorite. 
 She just looked so classy. I really loved the color with her skin tone. Well done!

 Great texture and I always believe the bigger the better :)
 And of course Megan Fox, looking amazing as normal.
 I was not so crazy about Scarlett Johanson's dress however. I feel like it just washed out her already pale skin tone and was not flattering to her figure.
And just because he is so cute....

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