Saturday, January 15, 2011


          Work. A little thing I do to make some money. And by "some money" I really mean less than minimum wage to clean tables, seat people, answer calls, and run around avoiding those who want to kill me for double seating them. Today's story takes place at...drum-roll! So, there I was prepping the restaurant for the day's activities and it was about ten minuets till opening when a family walks in with five little kids. I greet them and lead them to their booth like normal. Then, the five year old boy looks at me and immediately commences to run full speed and dive under a table and latch onto the table stand. Trying to coax her son out, the woman apologetically looks and me and explains that he is going through the "liking girls stage" and every time he sees a pretty girl he gets scared. I started to crack up and she told me I probably shouldn't make eye contact. Man do I love kids! Maybe that's why I find teaching so fascinating.
             I actually have had many fascinations recently and since I'm the kind of person to be random I'm going to tell you about them. 
1. Firstly, living in such a warm area kind of makes me sad because I love dressing in sweaters and jackets and gloves and the whole winter getup like I could in my hometown. So whenever the temperature drops below 50 I just have to pull out my boots. Heres to you Ugg boots!
Secondly, I love love LOVE to have my picture taken, so whenever I see a model in these fashion blogs or in magazines I get jealous. I have always wanted to be a model and be all glamorous and stuff anyhoo... The current model that I aspire to be is the one and only Taylor Warren. She has the natural simplistic beauty that I certainly envy.

And lastly, I'm fascinated by all my wonderful friends whom I love SO much. I have no idea where I would be without any of them. Thank you guys! I love you all dearly <3

What have you been fascinated by lately?

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